My Review Of K9 Barking Collar For Small Dogs



My little yorkie Snickers had developed a big nasty barking habit.  He would seem to have social anxiety and bark his little head off when he could not figure out where I was or wanted me in another spot from where I was.  I love the little guy and I understand he is 11 years old but the constant barking was really wearing on us all.  This collar has truly been a lifesaver.  There is no shock at all.  It simple vibrates and beeps and I absolutely love it.  I am so thankful it helping to make our lives so much better so we can enjoy our Snickers instead of being frustrated with him all the time.  I have linked my Youtube video review and included a link to view and purchase on Amazon.  If you have bark issues I urge you to check it out.  They also have other sizes but Snickers has a small!






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