Review of Bumble Road Bath Bombs


I had the honor to review these bath bombs from Bumble Road recently.  If you busy like me you may rush through your days and take quick showers and rarely take the time for yourself to just relax in the tub with a nice bath.  We have to all learn to give up time for ourselves to be the best we can be and this includes me.

I got these bath bombs at a discount to try out and give my opinion on.  I have included the  Youtube video review I did along with this post as well.  I got mine from Amazon and I have included the link to view and/or purchase as well as the end of this post.

I am currently working two jobs due to slowness on my production paid first job.  We are also getting ready to move and I have a ton of additional stress so I decided to make trying these a priority and to make it a whole relaxation routine.  At the time of this post I have tried two of them out of the four pack and they both were great.  They each have their own name and scent.  I have tried Dreamsicle and Yellow Rose.  I set up some calming music the first time and a TED talk the next time on my iPad to watch and listen to.    I dimmed the bathroom lights only leaving one light on and started some nice warm/hot bath water and dropped in my bath bomb.  You can immediately see the bath bomb dissolving and fizzing in the water.  The smell is great and started almost immediately.  It had completely dissolved by the time my bath was full and I was ready to hop in.

I really enjoyed my relaxation time using these bath bombs.  The scent was nice and it really helped me enjoy my time doing nothing but listening to the music or the talk.  There was absolutely no kind of residue or anything left from the bath bombs.  They dissolved completely with no issues.  I felt really clean and fresh both physically and mentally.  I think using these during a relaxing bath time residual was definitely beneficial to me and could be to so many of us who put ourselves last.  I am anxious to try many more products like this to help me relax and unwind from the stress in my life.








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