How To Clean Your Cricut Mats Using Totally Awesome!

First let me apologize for my video quality in the video I will post.  We moved to a much smaller house and I just do not have the room I used to.  Plus this was Thanksgiving night and I was looking a bit crusty from the day and I could not find my tablet/phone stand which probably one of our children nabbed.  I will simply how you and tell you how to clean your Cricut mats using Totally Awesome though!

You will need:

Dirty Cricut mat

Paper Towels and/or some type of cloth

Scraper of some sort (Cricut is fine but a larger one is even better…link posted below to a larger one to purchase if you wish and is great to have for larger projects)

Totally Awesome (found at many stores including Dollar Tree for you guessed it $1) and also on Amazon here for 16 oz bottle and here for a large refill bottle 64 oz

Now how I got to this point was as a “newbie” who studied a lot about using her Cricut for months before ever touching the thing I honestly thought “whatever I will just buy a new one”.  Well here we are probably over two years later and me now into not just using my Cricut for hobby but for business and gifts and I now clean my mats!

First, I was and am a packrat so I would sit them around without putting the film over it knowing good and well because it is generally a stupid idea and we have a corgi who sheds like nothing I have ever seen before.  I was “busy” and I did not have time for such things.  Well I was stupid!  Do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with picking up a couple of extra now and then after a LONG bit of use to have extras especially if you really get into using your Cricut a lot and especially if you use it for business purposes and get busy like me.  It is smart of you to keep the cover on ALL of the mats you have and clean them and rotate them through periodically.  It is such a money saver and so super easy to clean them.

Now, find you a space where you can spread out your mats like a table especially if you have the longer ones that measure 24 inches long.  We have no table and my one craft tray I keep with my measuring goods and my rotatory cutter so I just used our washer.  Whatever works so you have enough room.  Take your bottle of Totally Awesome and spray the mat all over.  It does not have to be drowning in it by any means but enough to cover and get it clean.  Next, take your scraper and begin scraping from one end and work your way down.  Wipe away an excess “goo” as you go with your paper towels or cloth.  Spray more of the Totally Awesome as needed until the mat looks clean and free of any debris or “goo”.  After this you are pretty much done except for letting your mats dry.  Simply hang or set them down somewhere so they can completely dry.  Once they are dry they will feel sticky like brand new.

Congratulations you have learned how to quickly and inexpensively clean your mats!  Give yourself a pat on the back and keep on crafting!  Youtube video link is shown below.

Here is a great bigger scraper that also has felt for doing sensitive projects :





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