Take Some Time For The Little Things

I carry my stress around with me all the time.  I am a busy mom, stepmom, wife, aunt, entrepreneur and more!  I battle my depression and anxiety daily.  I have a hard time just enjoying things sometimes.  I have trouble just sitting back relaxing and living.  The first week school was out and I had my niece I took some time here and there to do just that and it felt great.


As the mom of a now 18-year-old I definitely know all too well how time goes by so fast and kids grow up right before our eyes all too quickly.  I always tell people with small children to sit back and enjoy all those little moments while you can because you will miss them.  You will miss some of those busy moments once they are gone.  We all get in such a hurry these days.  We all are juggling so many different things and are staying so busy we often forget to make time to just enjoy life and the people around us.

Due to the Monday holiday our week started off on Tuesday.  We made a trip to get a few things I needed for orders for our business but before that we ate at Mooyah.  I had taken my niece Cailey there once before and she loved it.  They have a chalk board in the corner you can write on and kids just love that.  We had fun eating and writing on the board and even took a picture in front of the board.  We even posted our picture to social media using the hashtags shown on their TV screen we watched while we ate.  After that we journeyed over to Hobby Lobby for supplies.  I let her pick out something with left leftover money from lunch as my grandmother had given her money to pay for our lunch.  We had fun just looking around.  Those little things were fun and we made some memories while we were at it.

The rest of the week she helped me do things in my office working on the business.  We even took a day and watched Charlotte’s Web.  She had never seen it and I had not seen it in many years.  I put all my devices up and concentrating on just watching that movie with her.  It felt good to just be present in that moment.  I know the summer is young and we will make many more memories but it sure was a great way to start summer vacation and just life in the moment.

I highly recommend that everyone try to take time when they can to just live in the moment and enjoy the people around us and especially the kids in our lives because they grow way too quickly.  They spread their wings and their lives get so busy that our time with then becomes limited and trust me you will miss it.  Stop and color that picture.  Stop and watch that movie.  Stop and play with those dolls.  Take a picture or a Snapchat!  Do it all and enjoy every single minute!



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