This Pillow Makes My Neck Happier


A little bit of my history before we dive into the heart of this. I have had back and neck issues all of my life. I have gone to a chiropractor on and off since I was a teenager. My hips are different heights, my back is crooked and so is my neck. I am a giant mess.

Approximately 18 years ago I began my career doing medical transcription. Well, this involves a lot of sitting and looking at a computer screen for hours at a time. This is not good for the neck of course. I had been diagnosed with neck strains during some of my earlier years so dealing with constant neck pain is just a part of life. Of course, sometimes are worse than others.


Fast forward in time and two wrecks later where I was rear-ended once and the other time I T-boned a car that ran a red light. Both times I was left in major back pain. I also had neck issues. The whiplash incident really affected my neck. My neck tends to tense up due to whatever issues I have and my anxiety. Chiropractors always have a hard time adjusting my neck because I tense up so badly. It often would take them multiple tries.

Now, with the business that I do, I spend a lot of time doing various things and also still a lot of time looking at the computer screen or doing other strenuous things. On top of that, due to the economy and a slow period for small businesses I have been doing some general transcription. I am not used to it since it had been approximately a year and a half since I have consistently done that much typing at a time. I soon started suffering some bad neck pain and shoulder pain. Then, came this pillow I am speaking of.

I have some nice pillows but whether I used one or two of them I was still having a lot of issues. I was massaging every night, using heat, and praying for the best. I had the opportunity to try out this memory foam pillow that was said to be good for your neck and called a cervical pillow. Well, needless to say, I jumped right on that opportunity.

I have been using it for several weeks now and I can tell you that I have definitely noticed a difference since I started sleeping on it. When I am laying in bed on my device or watching TV I use it and a corgi pillow roll because I like to be elevated, but when it is sleep time I sleep only on this pillow. I am generally a side sleeper. I flip back and forth pretty much all night randomly. I have found this pillow to be comfortable if I am just laying on my back looking, on my stomach, or on my sides. It has a great covering on it which my grandbaby has already spilled on. I do keep an additional pillowcase on it but the case is nice, soft, and thick so I can just throw it in the washer super easily.

My conclusion is that I would definitely recommend trying this pillow out. It is made of memory foam and has really helped me sleep better and not wake up in excruciating neck pain with a headache every morning like I was there for a while. I definitely do not like sharing it. It is all mine.

As of today, August 12, 2022, the price is 39.99 and there is even a 10% digital coupon you can clip right there on Amazon. Check out the link and you can view my video review of this pillow below.

Disclaimer: I got this product for free/at a discount in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own.

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