Do They Think I Am Super Woman?

Most of us have seen those memes or ecards that talk about the husband going to bed and the wife picking up all the toys and things after he is in bed. Well what about those of us whose children are older but we still suffer that similar scenario? Why are women expected to do so much more? Do they think I am Super Woman?

Now my hubby started a new job so I will give him that he is getting adjusted to working again after being unemployed after an oilfield layoff but still. He has three days off. I generally have maybe one day off. That is a strong maybe. I work at home and I usually work at least six days a week. No it is not physical labor but I still work and work hard. I am a Medical Transcriptionist so I am responsible for people’s legal medical records for goodness sake! Not to mention I have had a lot going on in my personal life with issues with my son and his schooling and my grandmother being in the hospital and sick. With all of this in mind I love my hubby but like a lot (okay, most) men he just kind of leaves a lot to me. This is my disclaimer that we do not fight and never have in the over three years we have been together but it does not mean we do not disagree on things or have those come to Jesus moments.


So tonight after I get off work after having worked a full day I sat down to relax a bit and watch television with the hubby. Then, we head to bed and he crawls right in and probably before I much got out of the room to wash my face he was snoring as usual. I run into his son in the hallway who wants to know if it is okay to have a drink since he woke up thirsty. Of course he can as long as it is water. I then journey to the kitchen and figure out that he did cook a quick dinner but all of the mess is still out and all of the dishes are in the sink not rinsed (something I am trying to train everyone to do to help out). I hurriedly clean it all up and load the dishwasher and get it going. I then decide to check my laundry I started and of course it is all still where I left it. I switch out the laundry and start another load. I then decide even though nobody else seems to smell the awful smell in the bathroom I will at least pull up all the rugs to be washed and pour some stuff in the toilet and clean it out (house of all males and male friends of the teenager were here). The dogs also need water so I do that too. Now here I am finally in bed a bit irritated at the day. Now do not get me wrong my hubby did run some jugs to my friend to borrow and run back up there to get my phone so he was not a total loaf today. I appreciate all he does but it is totally underestimated what us housewives do.


Now here I am wired with a busy day ahead of me tomorrow of gathering school records, working and who knows what else and I have a sudden urge to just clean everything because I am irritated. I know better because it will bite me in the butt if I do but seriously I ask myself daily if anyone else sees the pee on the sides of the toilet that I did not do as I am a female, the only female in my home, and there is no possible way pee would get on the sides of the toilet from me as I do not have to AIM to pee. They all say “it wasn’t me”. Does anyone else see that the trashcan in the bathroom is overflowing as they put that empty toilet paper roll in it. Do they not see it hit the other stuff and bounce off into the floor? Am I the only one who sees that the kitchen trash is overflowing or do they just loose their minds when the have to put something in there and it is overflowing? Do they suddenly go blind? Why is it that the dogs come stare at me and jump on me and my chair when they are hungry, thirsty or need to go outside? Oh that is right they are males too and they know “the mama” is the do all be all and she will do it or have someone else do it. I feel someone has lied to these people and told them that I am Super Woman! Don’t get me wrong I come pretty close but I am not her.


With all of this said I love the men and boys in my life but if someone could please tell them I am NOT Super Woman that would be just peachy! Now I must retire and wait on my cape to be washed for a new day, a Monday at that!





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