My Review of Foot Peel Mask Treatment

So I will admit right up front that my feet are pretty rough.  I unfortunately inherited my mom’s callused and rough feet.  It drives me absolutely crazy.  When I reach down and feel my feet and they feel and sound like sandpaper it is almost like nails on a chalkboard.

I also admit that I bought these things a few months ago and we moved and I had misplaced them during our move.  Well I am too cheap to buy another set until I made sure they did what they said so I impatiently waited for myself for my husband to find them.  I know that I also could have went to the salon and had the nice ladies give me a pedicure but I have been way too busy and also just did not want to part with that much extra money right here close to the holidays and after a movie and car issues.

I finally found them a couple of weeks ago and finally got to give them a try.  I honestly was not really optimistic.  I just sort said I would try them and then if they did not work well I knew not to purchase them again.  I read the instructions a few times making sure I read them right and that I was to soak my feet in them only the one time.  I thought surely I would have to do more than that to get them to peel in a few days.  Well I was wrong.

I put each foot into the bags that contained the solution.  I first put in my left foot and made sure it fit tightly.  It said something about wrapping or cutting or something but I just put it on and then put my sock and my slipper sock on over it and it was held in place tightly as it should be.  The solution smelled clean and maybe a little like alcohol but nothing major or displeasing.  I then did the same with the other foot.  I work at home and I just continued working while I waited the allotted time.  I took them off and rinsed my feet off with warm water when the time was up and for then I was done.

Again, I am a pretty busy person and my mind forgets things these days on a pretty regular basis.  A few days after I had done this I felt like I was walking on something and kind of thought to myself “what in the heck is that?”.  I was talking on the phone to my Mema and I pulled something off the bottom of my right foot and thought to myself “surely that is no my skin”.  Well after I was done talking to her I sat down on the edge of our bed and low and behold both of my feet were peeling.  That dead skin was definitely starting to come off.  This happened a little more over the next few days so I just sat down daily and peeled that dead skin off.  Some of it would be small pieces so a bit of a pain but my feet felt so soft.  My feet still feel soft.  They feel at least as good as they do when I go and get the nice ladies at the salon to do it for me.  This process was super easy and effective.  The worst part was just the skin peeling and trying not to make a HUGE mess.  If you have something to put it all in or on or do it over a trash can you will be perfectly fine.  I can definitely recommend this to anyone who was a nice at home and affordable remedy.  You get a little of the spa feeling to doing it this way and your feet will feel soft after you are done.  I will definitely give this product a thumbs up.  I was definitely pleasantly surprised.  If you are interested in looking at the information and/or purchasing just click the picture below.

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