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  • New Hair Clips ‘Cause Honey It’s Hot

      If you don’t already know this I live in Texas. Right now it is hot as hades in Texas. We have had temperatures here in North Texas up to 112 degrees! It doesn’t matter if I am just in the house it is still hot. My hair is long and I honestly like it […]

  • My Review of Foot Peel Mask Treatment

    So I will admit right up front that my feet are pretty rough.  I unfortunately inherited my mom’s callused and rough feet.  It drives me absolutely crazy.  When I reach down and feel my feet and they feel and sound like sandpaper it is almost like nails on a chalkboard. I also admit that I […]

  • My Love For My Ipsy Subscription

    So I had always thought about subscribing to some sort of monthly beauty subscription but just had never taken the plunge.  I kept seeing it on Pinterest and various other places and always tucked it in the back of my mind.  Three months in and I have a definite love for my Ipsy subscription. Ipsy […]