About Me


I’m Michelle Witt and I am an entrepreneur, blogger, crafter, reviewer, influencer and more. I am also a wife, mom, stepmom and grandma (GiGi).  I have an addiction to bags, love country music and am pretty sure I am Kenny Chesney’s #1 fan!

I write for the average woman who may also be a mom, grandma or wife and wants to learn about new things and maybe relate to some of the daily things I go through in life. I love to review products and talk about that. I love saving money so I will also try to share those deals and coupons I find along the way. I have a newly developed love of box subscriptions so I love to talk about that as well. My crafting love grows daily so that will be another area I hope to grow and focus on. I do it for fun and am starting to gradually do it as a business as well.

I am also a reality TV fanatic, have a purse addiction, beauty product addiction, electronics addiction, and so much more! You just never know what will come out of my mouth or off of my phone or iPad.

I hope to help shed some light on what it is living with anxiety and depression while maintaining daily life as a woman. I want to help people live their lives how they want and also learn that having mental health issues is nothing to be ashamed of. As women we can wear so many hats in our lives but it is possible to do it all and keep a grip on who you are at the same time. As women we spend a lot of our time mothering our children, maintaining a household, working and so much more that we forget to take time for ourselves. Some of the things I talk about are and will be things that I enjoy outside of those standard roles in life. I will also talk about struggles and trials I may face that many of us do. I am just an average woman going through life who has wisdom and wit to share.

I first started blogging a few years ago as a method of an online diary to help with my depression and anxiety issues. I have tried several platforms and I am ready to grow my online presence and share myself with the world. I want to do all of the above while also growing my businesses and even provide some giveaways to give back to my followers and provide a fun interactive atmosphere. I do not expect it overnight but I am willing to work on it. Working at home for so long makes being present online in this manner and on social media important to my social wellbeing. I miss interacting with people on a daily basis so this allows me to do that in a digital way in my very own digital world.

More about me and my life is that I am 46 years old. I was divorced for 14 years until I met in 2013 and married in 2016 the love of my life. It took me a lot of bad apples and a lot of heartache to find him but I did. We met on an online dating site and we disagree here and there but we have never had a full blown argument or fight and in my life that is a first. We have 4 awesome boys together. My son Dylan is age 21. Dave has three sons Dylan (yes we have two of them) age 25, Jacob age 22 and Grayson age 15. My son Dylan lives with us right now. Grayson is a Sophomore and just this year moved back with his mom after living with us for several years.

We currently have four wonderful and sweet grandchildren.  Cohen was our first born in 2018.  In 2019 year came Abigail.  At the beginning of 2020 came Karrington and in the midday the year Noah was born.

We have a Corgi named Bandit.  He was my son’s birthday present at the age of 13 but he is very much our dog too.  He has always lived with me and now us.  I lost my sweet Yorkshire Terrier Snickers in December of 2018.  he lived to the age of 14 so he had a long full life.

I hope you will follow me and continue to see what I am up to and will sign up for my posts and newsletter as well as sharing me with others via social media or with your friends. I mean hey once I get things going you can win FREE stuff and who doesn’t like FREE stuff! I will have everything from my review products to crafts and items from my direct sales and my friends businesses who have offered to chime in now and then and share their products for giveaways!