Items such as shirts are made to order which means they have a normal processing time of up to 5 days depending on style.  Items marked preorder will indicate so and may take up to a month to receive as they come from overseas many times.  Every effort will be made to update you on these items but issues with customs can often delay items sent this way.  Please make note and contact us with any questions about such items.  No shipping will be charged on these items until the items arrive to me for shipping to you or pick up locally.  These preorders must be paid for by the deadline date or will not be ordered.  Preorders also should be purchased separately and not together with custom orders or ready to sell orders.  I may add some drop ship items which means they will ship directly to you from the manufacturer.  Drop ship items can work the same way and take up to 30 days. All efforts will be made to indicate estimated time in the listing.   Items marked RTS are ready to sell and will be shipped out within a day or two depending on the date ordered.  All cash paid items must be paid before the item is ordered and/or made if it is a preorder or custom item.  You will have 3 days to pay us in cash or your order will be cancelled.  Thank you!


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