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In being a bride to be and getting married this month I recently ran across this excellent honeymoon registry site in my Pinterest searching.  I was actually surprised it never came up in any of my wedding pinning in the last 7 months because believe me I have done a lot of Pinterest searching for ideas.


This site was apparently on the television show Shark Tank.   It is a very hand little tool for anyone who is getting married especially those who are already living together or for those who are getting married for the second time or maybe third.  So many of us who live together already or have already been married may not need a lot of household goods like those just starting out.  We may have accumulated many of those necessary items already.  It is also helpful to anyone getting married even those just starting out because it allows people to pay online towards the couple’s honeymoon alleviating the hassle of having to mail out cards with checks through snail mail.  In the day and age of computers, internet and busy lives this can come in very handy for many potential guests.

This is not our first wedding and we do already live together and although we have quite a few items we did register for due to combining households with kids and such we still could definitely use money toward our honeymoon in Nashville.  I mean for us we have dealt with layoffs from the oilfield and an increase in our household by having two of our kids move in with in suddenly back in March cutting our finances and savings down significantly.  We had already planned a honeymoon which will be our first vacation together in the three years we h
ave been together.  It is a much needed get away for us and a great way to celebrate our union.

I really think this whole concept is such a great one.  It even gives you an option to download a pdf copy of some cards you can insert in your invitations or include wherever you wish and includes personalization of your site and includes shares to Facebook directly and pictures to help you post on other social media.


The other great thing is it allows you to create a certain amount of items with designated gift amounts so your friends and family can contribute to specific parts of your honeymoon.  You can designate dollar amounts for dining, airfare, motel stay, etc.  It makes it a little more personal for your gift givers to know they contributed to a certain aspect of your honeymoon together.

If you are getting married anytime in the future I highly suggest you create a free account on the site.  You even get the Elite content as long as you download the app to your phone or tablet/iPad. Here is our link below if you want to take a look and see what your site could look like.  Good luck to you and congratulations on your engagement and upcoming union!









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