My Review of Larnn Cool Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Let me first say I am a work at home medical transcriptionist so I sit a lot! My job requires me sitting all day so I sit in my office chair just for my full time job at least 40 hours a week. I definitely need to be comfortable. I also have a small business where I do crafting for money. I design shirts and such so I also spend a lot of time doing that as well as marketing and maintaining my store on sites so I spend even more time in my chair doing that.

I got this cushion and was definitely excited to try it. Besides my job and business I was also involved in a wreck a few years ago where I was injured and had terrible sciatica and low back pain. It is much better but sitting for long periods can cause it to flare up on me. I have to try to maintain a good sitting position and keep my chair comfortable.

It was packed great in a box as shown in my pictures.  I opened it up and took it out of the bag. I put it in my chair and so far it has made a huge difference in my sitting comfort. I have worked with it and been very busy with my craft business since it is the holiday season. I have spent many hours already sitting on this seat cushion and so far it has been great! It is super soft and it did not flatten or anything the way some might. It stayed plump enough for me to feel a definite difference. An added bonus is that the cover is washable! I am always drinking and eating food while I work on stuff. I will definitely continue using it while I do any of my tasks. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs that extra comfort and support.  You can view and/or purchase by clicking below.


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