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  • My Review of Foot Peel Mask Treatment

    So I will admit right up front that my feet are pretty rough.  I unfortunately inherited my mom’s callused and rough feet.  It drives me absolutely crazy.  When I reach down and feel my feet and they feel and sound like sandpaper it is almost like nails on a chalkboard. I also admit that I […]

  • My Review of Larnn Cool Memory Foam Seat Cushion

    Let me first say I am a work at home medical transcriptionist so I sit a lot! My job requires me sitting all day so I sit in my office chair just for my full time job at least 40 hours a week. I definitely need to be comfortable. I also have a small business […]

  • My Review of PowerUp Lightening Charging Cord

    We never seem to have enough charging cords.  We especially had this issue when my teenager was still living here.  I honestly wondered if he was eating them so many of them would disappear. We all have iPhones and we have two iPads so having lightening cords that are good quality is important to us. […]

  • Review of Bumble Road Bath Bombs

      I had the honor to review these bath bombs from Bumble Road recently.  If you busy like me you may rush through your days and take quick showers and rarely take the time for yourself to just relax in the tub with a nice bath.  We have to all learn to give up time […]

  • My Review of JASTEK Multicharging Cable

        I absolutely love this charging cable. I am a big electronics user. I have a lot of items to charge. I have tons that use micro USB such as headphones, mouse and more and there are two micro USB cords on this. I also have an iPad and iPhone for the lightening cord. […]

  • My Review Of Xnucol Flashlight

      I really like this flashlight.  The size is just right and the features and multifunction of it make it a great flashlight choice.  It zooms in and out and has an adjustable handle.  Please watch my video review below and see the link to view more details and purchase on Amazon!    

  • My Review Of K9 Barking Collar For Small Dogs

      My little yorkie Snickers had developed a big nasty barking habit.  He would seem to have social anxiety and bark his little head off when he could not figure out where I was or wanted me in another spot from where I was.  I love the little guy and I understand he is 11 […]

  • My Love For My Ipsy Subscription

    So I had always thought about subscribing to some sort of monthly beauty subscription but just had never taken the plunge.  I kept seeing it on Pinterest and various other places and always tucked it in the back of my mind.  Three months in and I have a definite love for my Ipsy subscription. Ipsy […]