Monday Motivational Musings

Happy Monday! Instead of just me I thought you all might like an awkward pic of Bandit and I. Him having his tongue out was a bonus!
Kare will be here later! Gigi mode will be ready to activate. I am spending more time before then doing housework and starting some business things that are harder to do when she is here wanting to sit on my lap while I am at the computer! She just wants to help. LOL
We had two events booked for Saturday. Well technically I forgot one and booked the other. It was a low cost event so we are skipping it and doing one in Muenster that I feel better serves us and what we like to do. I am doing the same thing with the 21st so today I will announce new locations for those two dates. One event is for EMS and the other mental health. I want to continue to support things like this. Making money is great and necessary for me and us but giving back and supporting those we care about and those who serve us or causes we or I are passionate about.
I have also been asked to make some tumblers and earrings for EMS week and at Christmas. I am also donating one for each time for them. I have made for the fire department and 911 dispatch in the past. I am still waiting to see if we got a spot at North Texas Fair. We went with our friends last year and they are using both of those booths this year so I have been trying to get one for us. We did really well there and we enjoyed it. I have been spending a lot of time researching and looking for events. If you read this and know of any shoot me a message or tag me anytime. This is my full time income and I am going to make it continue to work and grow. I have learned the hard lesson of putting money back during busy times for the slow months (Jan-March).
I have days I want to quit. For one, I enjoy doing this and I have worked long and hard to build up my business and reputation. For another, my career as a medical transcriptionist had me averaging some pretty good wages. Those wages would be hard to come anywhere close doing any of the other things I am skilled at and I am doing pretty well at this. I am learning as I go about so many things to do with business, people and events. I and we are setting goals and going to knock them out!






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