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  • Monday Motivational Musings

    Happy Monday! Instead of just me I thought you all might like an awkward pic of Bandit and I. Him having his tongue out was a bonus! Kare will be here later! Gigi mode will be ready to activate. I am spending more time before then doing housework and starting some business things that are […]

  • My Review of GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers & Essential Oil Diffuser

    I want to talk about this nice larger size diffuser I got this week.  There are many health benefits to humidifiers and I love using essential oils throughout my home.  This one has a larger tank so filling the tank makes it last about 24 hours which is way longer than my current diffusers will […]

  • Working on Myself and Trying to Find My New Identity

    The holidays had me so busy I have not written in far too long.  I have been pondering what to write about with so many ideas and drafts already written.  As I was sitting here working on graphics and things for my craft business I started thinking of a conversation that I had with my […]

  • How to Download and Save Facebook Vidoes!

      Have you ever seen a video such as a tutorial or even one of your own videos that you wanted to download so you can view it later?  I did this Youtube video tutorial about downloading and saving Facebook videos a while back that shows you how to do this.  I hope you find […]