Importance of Self Care


I really like to talk to anyone who talks to me about anything related to their mental health about how important self care is.  It is vitally important to us all no matter who we are and what we face.  I think it is especially important for those of us dealing with mental illnesses.  I can give you ideas and talk for long periods of time on the importance of self care yet I cannot seem to listen to my own advice.  Why is that?

This week after trying for probably at least two months I made it to the nail salon.  My poor eyebrows were in some serious disarray.  My eyebrows are thick and dark so it is not a good situation to leave them unattended for long periods.  I have multiple issues with my feet such as heel spurs and painful calluses that have even led me to the emergency room before.  The arthritis in my feet is pretty bad as well.  I use to also be sure to paint my toenails all the time and never left them naked.  I cannot tell you how long it had been since I had a pedicure.  I know it was long before COVID hit. I use to sporadically get a manicure but never with tips because it slows down my typing.  I even had money put back for some or all of this all this time.  I just could not seem to prioritize myself for multiple reasons.

I decided to get it all done.  From my eyebrows to my toes they worked on me.  I tried to ignore my phone for a while.  I enjoyed the massage chair although I may have gotten it a little too high because it is a little painful there in the middle of my back.  It felt good to have people waiting on and doing things for me.  I had that chunk of time where I did not have to worry about anything except that.  I thought about writing this post as my blog is another thing I like to do for self care that has been terribly neglected.  I watched the television show from HGTV as I sat with someone working on my toes and another on my fingers.  For those few moments I was not a busy entrepreneur, a mom, stepmom, GiGi, wife or any of that I am every single day.  I was just me, Michelle the woman.  The woman who desperately needed that time and needs to figure out a way to get more of it.

Given the fact that I battle with anxiety and depression on top of the every day stresses I have to start following my own advice.  I am nothing to anyone if I do not take care of myself.  I am slowly learning that.  We have to listen to our bodies and our minds and do for ourselves or we will run out of that spark that is us.  I have also found that for me turning the music up loud is a big help.  Do as I say and not as I do!  Be a light to yourself and shine bright by doing things for yourself that matter to you!




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