• Getting My Blog Life Together

    Getting My Blog Life Together

      I probably should get my life together and write some more blog posts. I probably should put all these ideas in my head and all these random Facebook musings into blog posts. It’s no wonder I haven’t grown my blog any more than I have. My ideas are plenty but the follow-through is entirely […]

  • I’m Struggling With My Inner Demons

    I’m Struggling With My Inner Demons

    I felt like I needed to sit down and write in hopes that it would help me get through some of what I am going through. It is the holidays and I am dealing with my inner demons. Seasonal depression always gets me this time of year. It is very common for those of us […]

  • Universal Orlando Photo Pass

      We recently took a trip to Orlando to Universal Studios.  It was our first time there so we wanted to capture a lot of memories. As someone who loves photos and is usually the one taking them I love having pictures to look back on. I decided that was an expense worth the money […]

  • This Pillow Makes My Neck Happier

      A little bit of my history before we dive into the heart of this. I have had back and neck issues all of my life. I have gone to a chiropractor on and off since I was a teenager. My hips are different heights, my back is crooked and so is my neck. I […]

  • New Hair Clips ‘Cause Honey It’s Hot

      If you don’t already know this I live in Texas. Right now it is hot as hades in Texas. We have had temperatures here in North Texas up to 112 degrees! It doesn’t matter if I am just in the house it is still hot. My hair is long and I honestly like it […]

  • I Found a Lump

      First off I will admit that I have not been good about scheduling my yearly mammograms.  In fact, I have only had one done at the age of 48, well two now.  I did not regularly check my breasts via self examination.  Life gets busy and I just didn’t do it.  On May 11, […]

  • Monday Motivational Musings

    Happy Monday! Instead of just me I thought you all might like an awkward pic of Bandit and I. Him having his tongue out was a bonus! Kare will be here later! Gigi mode will be ready to activate. I am spending more time before then doing housework and starting some business things that are […]

  • Importance of Self Care

      I really like to talk to anyone who talks to me about anything related to their mental health about how important self care is.  It is vitally important to us all no matter who we are and what we face.  I think it is especially important for those of us dealing with mental illnesses. […]

  • My Review of GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers & Essential Oil Diffuser

    I want to talk about this nice larger size diffuser I got this week.  There are many health benefits to humidifiers and I love using essential oils throughout my home.  This one has a larger tank so filling the tank makes it last about 24 hours which is way longer than my current diffusers will […]

  • I Feel So Broken Inside

    I really hate my anxiety and depression.  I feel like I am always in battle.  I never know when each of these mental illnesses or both of them are going to want to take me down.  I feel so broken inside and like I am fighting a battle I just can’t win. Today started out […]