My Review Of K9 Barking Collar For Small Dogs



My little yorkie Snickers had developed a big nasty barking habit.  He would seem to have social anxiety and bark his little head off when he could not figure out where I was or wanted me in another spot from where I was.  I love the little guy and I understand he is 11 years old but the constant barking was really wearing on us all.  This collar has truly been a lifesaver.  There is no shock at all.  It simple vibrates and beeps and I absolutely love it.  I am so thankful it helping to make our lives so much better so we can enjoy our Snickers instead of being frustrated with him all the time.  I have linked my Youtube video review and included a link to view and purchase on Amazon.  If you have bark issues I urge you to check it out.  They also have other sizes but Snickers has a small!


My Love For My Ipsy Subscription

So I had always thought about subscribing to some sort of monthly beauty subscription but just had never taken the plunge.  I kept seeing it on Pinterest and various other places and always tucked it in the back of my mind.  Three months in and I have a definite love for my Ipsy subscription.
Ipsy comes from the Latin word ipse, meaning “sense of self”.  By celebrating the beauty of all forms in the world, ipsy provides a platform for anyone to express both their inner and outer radiance.  Sounds good right?  It did to me.  Ipsy allows you to learn about beauty products you may not have otherwise known about and you get to try them out for yourself.  You also get to learn about beauty tricks and can connect with other people who subscribe, “ipsters” if you will.
When you subscribe each month you get five deluxe sample or full size beauty goodies which include makeup, skincare, hair care and nail care.  You also get a stylish makeup bag.  Once you get the bag you can follow along with tutorials and share your looks within the community and on ipsy’s social media channels.
The cost for the Glam Bag is only $10 a month and in the US shipping is FREE!  You initially will do your beauty profile, enter your email address and choose from a monthly or yearly subscription that can be cancelled at any time.  You then enter your billing and shipping information and you are all ready.  Ipsy bills on the first of the month and items ship around the middle of the month and arrive to you in 7-10 days.  You do receive a tracking email so that you will know when your Glam Bag has shipped.   My August bag was delivered to me on 08/13 so as you can see the shipping varies a little and sometimes may come earlier than described.
Another great thing about ipsy is you can earn points with them for various things such as referrals, following the stylists on social media, doing product reviews and more.  The points are good for 12 months.  Points can be cashed in for bonus products.
They also have offers, which are special promotions that they feature Monday through Friday that help members get some amazing deals on products.  Along with this there are giveaways that will probably require a social media post using specific hashtags to Instagram.  Just another added benefit.
I have made a video of my ipsy bag for the month of August.   The Glam Bag itself is really nice and made of a great material.  The design was illustrated by ipsy founder Michelle Phan to inspire the beautiful dreamer in all of us which is a great message in my mind.  Inside my package were two masks from Sally’s Box Secret Garden, Marc Anthony True Professional Nourishing Argan Oil, Trust Fund Beauty liquid lipstick in K, Bye, Formula X nail polish in Dollface and NYX professional makeup Born To Glow liquid illuminator.
I highly recommend doing this if you can afford it as a little monthly treat for yourself.  I love getting my Glam Bag.  It is like a little mini Christmas present I get each month.  If you are interested in reading more about ipsy or joining their monthy subscription here is a link you can easily click on


What In The World Is This Pokemon Go Thing?


So what in the world is this Pokemon Go thing everyone is talking about?  Well I have given in and delved into the world that is Pokemon.  I spent a while thinking how it was stupid and I was so busy with work, wedding preparation, momhood and so many other things I would never have time to even consider partaking in the new Pokemon Go craze.  Well I was wrong.  

A few days ago I downloaded the app onto my iPhone 6 plus thinking I would just check it out a bit.  My 16-year-old son and his friend had come into my office and there was some sort of Pokemon character in here in my office and curiosity sparked in me just a tiny bit.  I got back to my job of typing radiology reports and then later downloaded it and did not think much about it.  Well yesterday I opened it up and low and behold after logging myself in with my Google account (the method the game uses to sync your date and get you all logged in) I spotted one of these little characters sitting right here on my desk.  I flicked my red and white ball and managed to “capture” this little created that appeared on my desk and thought to myself “well that was neat”.  I played around with it a little and by then my fiance had also downloaded the game to his phone and my 11-year-old stepson had began whining about his old phone that is one of the pay as you go versions or some sort not even allowing him to play the game.  I still really thought very little about it.  


Today was a Friday and I woke up in a pretty good mood and was dancing and singing about and doing my usual getting ready routine for a day off.  I decided to pull up my Pokemon Go app and much to my surprise there were these rat creatures on our couch.  Well I tried a few times and ended up with two of the creatures I now know to be called Rattata.  I am still struggling with all the names of these things but that one I think I finally remember.  I call them things like “ugly rat” and such.  A little after this we met my brother to eat lunch and we all began gathering these things up while eating at Golden Chick.  I found one behind my fiance’s head on the window ledge.  My brother who is 13 years younger than me had played with Pokemon when he was little so he had already been playing it from the very first day it started.  Come to find out the driving around our town he was going to do after we left eating was looking for Pokemon with a friend of his.  This was funny but no surprise to me once I was reminded of him playing this back in the day.  He even found one of the silly things on my chest in the area of my boob while we sat in the place after eating.  Outside there was a Rattata on my mom’s head for Pete sake.  This silly game had suddenly become something that we all were talking about and playing together.  Alas, this game had more meaning to me and I started getting the intrigue and why so many people had caught onto it so quickly.  It would and could be about family bonding time, friend bonding time or just for fun for anyone who needed some fun and had the free time.

I worked my usual late night shift after discussing some things with my son and the rest of the family and I decided I would take a little break later this evening to go get some ice cream and go on a Pokemon hunt.  It would be a family affair for my youngest stepson, my fiance and I.  I gave my stepson my iPad along with our hot spot to use and my fiance and I used our phones.  We gathered a few Pokemon spots on the way to Sonic where we got more Pokemon balls and other needed items.  My fiance was completely out of Pokemon balls so he sure needed these stops.  There is one of these stops at the church on the very next street from  us.  It seems that churches are a popular place for Pokemon stops along with certain landmark type spots.  We sat at Sonic and I was educated on trading these things in, how to maneuver around on the game and more.  I am still learning but at least I understand more about the ins and outs of the game now.  

We drove around our town after we were done with our ice cream and we collected items from these Pokemon spots as well as gathering various creatures along the way.  While stopped near one of our parks which is near the city pool and community center and also three Pokemon spots and gyms, which I have yet to even think about trying to experience, we say several cars and kids around doing the same thing we were.  
Now I will say I have heard and seen a lot about people not paying attention to their surroundings while doing this and I certainly can see how this could happen.  It is very exciting and very easy I would think to lose yourself in this and drive too slowly, stop where maybe you shouldn’t, etc.  We all have to be aware of ourselves and the app/game reminds us this every time we open it up.  It is sort of like anything else from texting to geocaching.  We must still pay attention while looking at our phones for whatever reason.  I know some people have been going into graveyards and such late at night and to that I say to everyone to be respectful of our deceased.  Do not ever disrupt anyone’s resting place.  Do not visit it when you are not suppose to, do not step on anyone’s grave spot and certainly do not go near one if there is an actual funeral taking place.  Use your common sense and human decency.  It is common sense although sometimes we just do not think about it, don’t use it when we should or maybe some of us don’t even have very much.  I mean anything is possible in this world we live in.  I am sure I can and will update this when I have learned more about it and learned all of the proper terminology of Pokemon Go.  I will include a link at the bottom that I found for the beginner, but for now this is all coming from a mom and woman who is still learning but has found it as the way to bond with her family and having a little fun during a stressful time in her life such as wedding planning while living life working and raising children.  It was like a breath of fresh air to spend an hour or so worrying about nothing but “catching” these little creatures using my phone.  For now I am back to reality where work is waiting, kids need things and wedding things need done.  Until we meet again Pokemon creatures!  

A Beginner’s Guide To Pokemon Go via USA Today





Obtaining Your Texas Marriage License


Today is the day that we obtain our marriage license.  It is so exciting for me.  I have been divorced for almost 14 years having gotten married the first time back in 1998 and separating from that marriage in 2002.  It has been a long, hard road to get here and find the love of my life.  

In Grayson County, Texas where we live it is $67 to get a marriage license.  We have to be sure to take our Government-issued picture ID.  There are no witnesses required and no blood tests.  You  have to wait a minimum of 72 hours before you can have a marriage ceremony and the license is valid for 90 days.  We will be married on 07/23 so we definitely will fall within this timeline.   If you are located in this county you can access information as well as premarital education handbooks and AIDS/HIV fact sheets via this link http://www.co.grayson.tx.us/default.aspx?name=cclk.marriage

Getting married is an exciting time for everyone, but can also prove stressful if you do not make sure you have all of your needed information ahead of time.  Be sure to research what you need for all aspects including your license, officiant, etc.  Overall, have fun and congratulations!


Dogs Are The Best Friends

As a woman who is 42 years old I can tell you that people can be less then desirable.  They can go from being good friends and family to people you cannot trust and people that hurt you.  My dogs would never do any of that to me.  That is why I believe that dogs are the best friends to have.  They love us unconditionally.  They are always so happy to see us and will never treat us badly or betray us.



I can be having the worst of days and they just show me love.   I can walk in the door from being gone 10 minutes or being gone for days and they act like I am the queen of England.  I am the queen of their world.   I can do no wrong as far as they are concerned.  They will bark to be near me if I close the door on them.  They will wait outside the bathroom door until I am done and long to see my face and hear my voice.  As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression I appreciate their unconditional love more than I could ever explain.  If you are having issues and are able to get a dog or a pet I highly recommend it.  There are moments in life that these guys have just helped me through when nobody else could have.  They are my best friends.



Excellent Honeymoon Registry Site



In being a bride to be and getting married this month I recently ran across this excellent honeymoon registry site in my Pinterest searching.  I was actually surprised it never came up in any of my wedding pinning in the last 7 months because believe me I have done a lot of Pinterest searching for ideas.


This site was apparently on the television show Shark Tank.   It is a very hand little tool for anyone who is getting married especially those who are already living together or for those who are getting married for the second time or maybe third.  So many of us who live together already or have already been married may not need a lot of household goods like those just starting out.  We may have accumulated many of those necessary items already.  It is also helpful to anyone getting married even those just starting out because it allows people to pay online towards the couple’s honeymoon alleviating the hassle of having to mail out cards with checks through snail mail.  In the day and age of computers, internet and busy lives this can come in very handy for many potential guests.

This is not our first wedding and we do already live together and although we have quite a few items we did register for due to combining households with kids and such we still could definitely use money toward our honeymoon in Nashville.  I mean for us we have dealt with layoffs from the oilfield and an increase in our household by having two of our kids move in with in suddenly back in March cutting our finances and savings down significantly.  We had already planned a honeymoon which will be our first vacation together in the three years we h
ave been together.  It is a much needed get away for us and a great way to celebrate our union.

I really think this whole concept is such a great one.  It even gives you an option to download a pdf copy of some cards you can insert in your invitations or include wherever you wish and includes personalization of your site and includes shares to Facebook directly and pictures to help you post on other social media.


The other great thing is it allows you to create a certain amount of items with designated gift amounts so your friends and family can contribute to specific parts of your honeymoon.  You can designate dollar amounts for dining, airfare, motel stay, etc.  It makes it a little more personal for your gift givers to know they contributed to a certain aspect of your honeymoon together.

If you are getting married anytime in the future I highly suggest you create a free account on the site.  You even get the Elite content as long as you download the app to your phone or tablet/iPad. Here is our link below if you want to take a look and see what your site could look like.  Good luck to you and congratulations on your engagement and upcoming union!